Our Future


DECEMBER 8, 2020


The Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport proudly serves the citizens of Paulding County by professionally managing a modern, safe, and efficient general aviation airport meeting the aviation needs of our growing community while simultaneously enhancing the educational experience of our local students at all levels, supporting the economic development opportunities of local businesses, and providing civic and cultural activities and facilities to our citizens.


The Strategic Vision of the Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport is to responsibly develop the Airport to meet the anticipated aviation transportation needs of our growing county for the next decade and to support the economic development opportunities of our community.


1. Develop the Airport in accordance with the Engineering Graphic and accompanying information presented at a Public Hearing held at the Airport on November 17, 2020.
2. Complete the construction of the Roadway Drainage Structure east of the terminal building per LPA Design documents dated July 2010.
3. Complete the Phase 1 Design of the Terminal Area Plan to include detailed designs for:
a) Airport Parkway Extension to TAEP Module 1
b) Connection to City of Dallas Sewer
c) Four new rows of T-hangars
d) Taxiways to support new T-hangars
e) Module 1 Taxiway East of Terminal building
f) Module 1 Access Road East of Terminal Building
4. Complete the construction of Airport Parkway Extension to the TAEP Property.
5. Complete the construction of City of Dallas Sewer Line to the airport.
6. Complete the construction of Four (4) new T-hangars west of the Terminal in LL 325 to include the taxiways, fencing, and parking required to support the new T-hangars.
7. Complete the construction of Module 1 Taxiway and Roadway of the TAEP
8. Complete the design and construction of Module 2 Taxiway and Roadway of the TAEP
9. Complete the design and construction of Module 3 Taxiway and Roadway of the TAEP
10. Complete the design and construction of “Ridgeline Taxiway”.